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The Island of the Dominican Republic


The Dominican Republic has been a favorite vacation spot for Europeans and Canadians for many years. People from the USA are just now discovering this beautiful and interesting destination. Offering some of the most economical vacation and entertainment opportunities in the region you're sure to enjoy your time in the sun!

The area is spectacular. It features the highest mountain (Duarte, which is over 10,000 feet); the lowest lake (Enriquillo, which is a salt lake, lying 140 feet below sea level and is populated by crocodiles), the oldest city in the new world, Santo Domingo (Columbus landed in the Dominican Republic in 1492) and contains the most varied landscape with mountains, tropical forests, pine forests, cactus-studded desert, fertile valleys and of course miles of sandy beaches and off-shore reefs.


Tradewinds blow towards the island's east and north coast where we are situated. Temperature average 82 degrees in winter, rising to 92 in the summer. Spanish is generally spoken, but one often hears, English, French, Italian, and German.

Dominicans are a warm, friendly and animated people. They are helpful to outsiders visiting their country.


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